C.W. Driver Companies, a multi-faceted builder known for general contracting, construction management and design services, joined forces with the Afro-American Art Museum in San Diego on the design and construction of the ground-breaking “The Buses are Coming” exhibition. Based on the peaceful protest by Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights era, “The Buses are Coming” is an awe-inspiring visual art experience aimed to raise awareness, educate and bring diverse groups together throughout the city.

The team at C.W. Driver Cos. volunteered their time and resources in the design and production, lending their extensive expertise in building to support this exhibit featuring the Freedom Riders who fought against segregation.

The Buses are Coming” is a national celebration recognizing the 60th Anniversary of the courageous actions and peaceful protest of the Freedom Riders. Although many may have heard of the Freedom Riders, many also may not know the significance and severity of the 300+ black and white men and women ranging from 18 to 61 in age, sitting side by side in a simple yet powerful affirmation of shared humanity. As a free exhibit in the heart of downtown San Diego, the experience aims to connect with those who do not usually visit museums.

“It was an absolute privilege to support ‘The Buses are Coming’ installation,” said Brent Hughes, COO, C.W. Driver Companies. “We are honored to have worked on this project collaborating with Gafcon, Walter P. Moore, ProCal, Crisp Imaging, City of San Diego, Studio Fink, All One Consulting Group and art director Ben Marshall. A big thanks to the project supporters: San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture, The Parker Foundation, SDGE, U.S. Bank and MTS. This unique project provided us a meaningful way to continue expressing C.W. Driver’s purpose of building better communities and lives together!”

“The Buses Are Coming” experience includes audio interviews accessed by QR codes reaching for augmented reality with mug shots and other authentic and representative photography that depicts the Freedom Riders. The exhibition is on view through Sept. 7, 2022.